Anthony Milano

Flatiron Tenant

Anthony Milano
Flatiron Tenant

Scenario: Crown’s clients attorney requested us to review a lease renewal of a previously existing tenant in a building our client recently acquired. Crown, acting as the review Architect, was asked to ensure the required timetables would coordinate with our office.

Crown’s Response: 

  • In three different sections the language conflicted on review time and Department of Buildings submission.
  • Addition of language for tenant to provide unlocked egress from the basement to comply with egress code at all times.
  • Changing the language as Alteration Type 1 Applications do not receive Letters of Completion, but will require a new Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Addition of language that the tenant complies with Title III of the Federal ADA Law, authorizing the Department of Justice to certify that State Laws or local building codes to have jurisdiction when they meet or supersede the Federal Law, as a waiver can be granted through the Mayor’s Office of People with Disabilities.
  • Additional language regarding potential modifications to the facade comply with code in the instance a new means of egress is necessary.


  • The existing tenant took the owner to court on grounds that they had the right to a lease renewal.
  • Crown’s client won in court as all requests complied with city and state law.
  • The tenant is in the process of complying with all additions to the new lease.