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Expediting Services

Recognizing the flaws and hurdles embedded in New York City agencies, coupled with the delays and finger pointing that occurs through using multiple professional service providers, Crown's model differs from its competition in having trained architects with deep knowledge of building code oversee your applications. Our foresight has repeatedly proven to shorten the time dealing with one, or simultaneous city agencies, and avoid delays.

The expertise, experience and proven track record of our Code Compliance team of Registered Filing Representatives allows us to advance projects safely, legally and expeditiously.



Permitting & Legalization

  • Department of Buildings Approvals

  • Fire Department of New York Approvals

  • Department of Transportation Approvals

  • Department of Environmental Protection Approvals

  • Landmarks Approvals

  • Board of Standards and Appeals Approvals

  • Certificates of Occupancy

  • Construction Permits / After Hour Variances

  • Controlled Inspections

  • Place of Assembly Permits

  • Letters of Completion

  • Local Law Facade Report Approvals

  • Letters of No Objection

  • Equipment Use Permits

  • Cranes and Derrick Approvals

  • Hydrant and Meter Permits

  • BFP Device Approvals

Code Consulting

  • NYC Building Code

  • NYC Zoning Resolution

  • NYC Housing Maintenance Code

  • NYC Health Code

  • NYC Fire Prevention Code

  • NFPA Standards

  • National Electric Code

  • National Standard Plumbing Code

  • OSHA Standards

  • International Building Code

  • International Mechanical Code

  • International Fuel Gas Code

Event Permits

  • Street Activity (SAPO) / Street Teams

  • Sidewalk Permits

  • Temporary Places of Assembly (TPA)

  • Film

  • Red Carpet / Celebrity Appearance

  • Parks Department

  • Sampling / Soliciting

  • Health / Food Sampling

  • Mobile Marketing Vehicle Parking

  • Police / NYPD

  • Generator / Electrical

  • Amplified Sound

  • Tent / Canopy

  • Marine / Barges

  • Fireworks / Pyrotechnics

  • Impact Sanitation


  • Zoning Analysis

  • Land Use Studies

  • Building Code Research

  • Drawing Compliance Reviews

  • Violation Research & Removal

  • Tax Abatement Programs