4 Bedford Street

4 Bedford Street
  • Completed: 2017
  • Size: 4,432
  • LEED Gold Brown Stone

Increased city energy mandates are creating complimentary opportunities for developers to tie environmental initiatives such as LEED and Passive House with significantly less additional investment than ever before. 4 Bedford is a fully renovated historic Greenwich Village home that Crown took careful consideration in state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly features, appliances, and building techniques to enhance the residence quality of life.

Thank you for presenting, as you were clearly the best presenter. Although the audience was rocky, you sailed through the material in a comprehensive way. I thank you and am reminded why Dyal Compass likes working with Crown. 
— Candace Dyal

Specific elements that create an environmentally conscience home include high-efficiency HVAC equipment including a heat recovery system, highly insulated Low-E double hung windows and high-efficiency doors, continuous envelope insulation, LEED certified interior finishes, and high-efficiency appliances. Truly making the home unique are repurposed wood flooring made from the original salvaged joists, which reflect a warmth and charm that melds the past with the present. These juxtapose beautifully with the contemporary architectural details, most evident in the stunning open multi-floor staircase with large skylights that flood the entire home with light while preserving and restoring the Federal Style facade, which was structurally unstable and it eminent danger of collapse at the beginning of the project.

One of the most expensive features to any green building, only amplified in NYC, is the green roof.  4 Bedford’s low water consumption vegetative roof is designed to maximize eco-friendly possibilities, and includes a rainwater harvesting system.