Chocolate Factory Lofts

Chocolate Factory Lofts
  • 275 Park Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Ongoing
  • Size: 184,000 sq ft
  • Type: Multifamily
  • Developer: HK Organization 

Renovation of 123 residential units within what was originally two separate factory buildings. Each factory is composed with different floors, one being wood and one with concrete. Previous tenants had independently altered most of the interiors, creating inconstant conditions throughout the building, and making unit uniformity non-existent. This creates the meticulous task of having to survey each unit as if it was new and then confirming what conditions are legal.  Each space embodies a very deep footprint, which expanded Crown’s creative and adaptive use of floor plans in creating usable living spaces with usable light and air. The building has many structural details that Crown has been tasked to preserve while renovating the spaces and creating an alluring juxtaposition using modern materials and finishes to create modern aesthetics that give each apartment its own style.