A sophisticated intersection of knowledge and style.


Our designs are driven by three core principles: durability, functionality and beauty. In-depth knowledge of environments and intimate relationships with our clients provide the foundation for our successful designs.

  • Site Selection

  • Programming

  • Design

  • Master Planning

  • Construction Documents

  • Core and Shell

  • Façade Maintenance

  • Historical Restoration

  • Owners Representation

  • Project Management

  • Construction Administration

  • Estimating and Scheduling

Interior Design

  • Space Selection and Evaluation

  • Test Fits

  • Strategic Planning and Standardization

  • Space Planning

  • Material, Furniture and Finish Selection

  • Custom Furniture Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Art Selection

  • Construction Documents


Our Energy Division was created to provide affordable, feasible, sustainable solutions for the reduction of the negative environmental impact and carbon footprints of homes, businesses, and institutions while minimizing energy costs and other dependencies.

  • LEED Review and Consulting

  • Energy Auditing

  • Energy Star Review and

  • Consulting

  • Environmental Impact Statements

  • ECCNY Compliance

  • NYSERDA Compliance

Masterplanning & Urbanism

Our Masterplanning and Urbanism team are about realizing your vision in four dimensions. Wherever in the world we work, we do it with the understanding that each line drawn will be part of the backdrop to people’s lives.

Our team celebrates the complexity of urban challenges and embraces the constraints of each project. We believe that each project should be seen as an evolution to achieve our client’s objectives, an ethos that is reflected in our process, we call it Iterative Placemaking.

  • Simple and clear programs - We provide economically viable programs for our clients while being socially and environmentally responsive.

  • Comprehensive, research-based strategies - We respond and embrace the unique social, economic, sustainable and physical influences of each project.

  • Integrated design solutions – We learn and reconsider the ever-changing challenges of today constantly and offer new ways of thinking and design about the places of tomorrow.

  • Bespoke and collaborative services - We utilize skills from a network of architects, urbanists, engineers, critical thinkers and specialist experts to help our clients and stakeholders to navigate their business case while retaining their visions.

Real Estate Contract Review

Crown has repeatedly proven an asset to its clients prior to signing or issuing new leases. Crown compliments the attorney’s role in our understanding of how the lease language can create liabilities and limit the development and design intentions from a Building Code perspective. Let our success speak for itself: